In Savico Megamall's Marketing Programs 2018, Savico Megamall Shopping Center Management Board (hereinafter referred to as MB) organizes the Shopping Mall drop-down.

1. Promotion Name: MUA SAM THA GA - XEM PHIM THAT DA

2. Goods and services for sale: All products and services at the 1st and 2nd floor of Savico Megamall Trade Center, No. 7 & 9 Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi. applicable to booths including Big B Bien Bien, basement booths and booths published from time to time as specified by the MB).

3. Promotion Period: From 1st to 3rd June,

4. Promotion area: At Savico Megamall, 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi.

5. Form of promotion: Giving gifts for valid purchase invoices.

6. Target of the promotion: All customers purchase or use services at the 1st and 2nd floor booths in Savico Megamall Trade Center, 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi (not applicable to booths including: Big B Long Bien, basement booths and booths published from time to time).

7. The gift structure







Movie tickets at Lotte Cinema







- Total prize value: 210,000,000 (in words: two hundred and ten million Vietnamese dongs only).

- Prizes can not be converted into cash.

8. Detailed content of the promotion program:

 - Customers have invoices to purchase or use the services at booths in Savico Megamall Shopping Center, 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi (not applicable for booths including Big B Long Bien, basement booths and booths are announced each time) with the value added to the bill (minimum bill of 100,000 VND) from 800,000 VND or more will be awarded 01 ticket Watch 2D movie for free at Lotte Cinema (3rd floor).

Especially, with a bill of 500,000 VND or more for baby stalls (including My Kingdom, K's Closet, Canifa, Smart Furniture, Kyki, Minh Tri, Miniso, Akina Kids). Get free 2D movie tickets at Lotte Cinema.

 Movie tickets are used for all shows on all days of the week.

Each customer is entitled to receive only one reward per day and each invoice is only allowed to use once to receive a reward.

- Gifts are not converted to cash or other payment methods and are not valid for VAT invoices.

- Customers will be eligible to win prizes before completing the prize draw.

- Regulations on the time, place and method of determining winners:

+ The program will be applied from 1 - 3 / 6/2018 and during the operation of Savico Megamall (from 9h00-22h00 on the program). The program may end sooner than expected if the number of movie tickets at Lotte Cinema ends.

+ Receive bonus at information desk, 1st floor, Savico Megamall. Recipients provide information including name, address, telephone number to employees of Savico Hanoi JSC for inspection and supervision of state management agencies.

9. Other regulations:

- The cumulative value in this rule is the value inclusive of VAT

- A valid invoice is a valid invoice of the day in the valid booth. The invoice must include the name of the booth, the address of the booth at Savico, the invoice number, date of invoice, cashier and must be printed from a POS or cash register, the invoice value is calculated based on the actual amount paid by the customer, not applicable to the payment by the voucher.

- Program time may end sooner than the specified time if the number of ball returns is released.

- The program does NOT apply to employees of Savico Megamall booths. Staff of the booth at Big C basement participated in the award.

- The MB can use the information and images of customers participating to serve the commercial advertising program will not have to pay any fees.

- In case of any dispute, the Decision of Savico Megamall will be the final decision.

- The Management Board has full power to regulate the rules relating to the way of organizing, implementing the program, participating and non-participating booths (announcement from time to time).

- For any inquiries related to the promotion, please contact Savico Megamall Customer Service Center, Tel: 024 62668855, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

                                                                                  Representative of Savico Megamall Management